85 years of Experience and History…

The history and activity of the CUBANIS firm began in 1912, in the most important center of the European fur industry, the city of Kastoria in Greece. Since then many things have changed. The Coubanis family, furriers in the fourth generation, with their accumulated knowledge and experience of so many years and with the sense of responsibility for the brand name and the reputation of their business, is constantly developing the family tradition, in regard of the creation of fur clothing and the international trade.

Since 1996 the firm, now under the trade name CUBANIS COLLECTION, having obtained experience in this field, a long presence in creation, design and quality, is always trying to provide the best service for its clients in the wholesale and retail. Our goal is the best quality, the constant renewal of our designs, the adaptation to the market needs and the best service of our clients. The collection covers all tastes and ages, has a unique design and combines the casual with the luxurious style.

There is a constant presence on international trade fairs since 1980. This way the Cubanis Collection studies the international market and contributes to the forming of new fashion trends in the fur business, as far as design, colors and market demand-interest is concerned, thus covering the needs of the international market with furs of high standards of the arts and crafts of Kastoria. Direct communication with our clients is a very important factor and through this we achieve the best co-operations.


  • 1912 The Coubanis family starts its tradition with the fur business.
  • 1955 Athanasios Coubanis travels to America, where he learns for three years new techniques and initiates co-operations, that last to this day.
  • Vasilios Coubanis lived in America, where he studied and gained experience, which he utilized when he returned to Greece.
  • Thomas and Giorgos Coubanis made the first step towards professional recognition abroad. They successfully kept a wholesale in Germany from 1986 to 1993.
  • Konstantinos Coubanis worked in Spain as wholesaler from 1990 to 1995.

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